We all have goals and dreams.  For some, they come easily.   For others, something has gotten in the way.  And I don’t mean a lack of opportunity or education – you are probably well educated or highly trained in some area of expertise, yet … something has gotten in the way.  Maybe it was physical or emotional trauma.  Maybe it was “bad luck” or circumstance, or maybe you simply have come to the realization that there is something deeper or higher you want to attain or experience, but you feel blocked – physically, emotionally, or are trapped inside of the world a limiting belief creates for you.  I

Whatever the case may be — you are certain about one thing :  you want and deserve more.  That’s where this work comes in.

I.  Healing/Clearing – approximately two months

Why aren’t you living the life of your dreams—or do you even have one?  Are you stuck in the past and jaded due to life circumstances?  Do you find yourself living less than the joyful person you would like to be?  Hampered by financial issues?  Why not love what you do and live the dream?

In this phase, with one-on-one guidance by phone, Skype, or in person, we begin a mind-body experience to effectively and efficiently clear those thought processes and emotions that have held you back from what you desire.  Using a multi-modal approach, we will work together to help quiet the voices and decrease chatter, clean the vessel and scrape off the barnacles in your mind that hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals.  Those modalities could be Reiki (a Spiritual energy work), Aroma Therapy, Massage and other body work along with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to clear unresolved traumatic events, heal past emotional wounds and reduce fear, anxiety, grief and sadness, to name a few.  This allows you to become clearer and quieter mentally and emotionally, helping you to ground and to re-integrate your body, mind and Spirit.

We will take into account how you learn; inventory your gifts; help you begin to envision your dream, to discover who you are and why.  You will find that you need to be a friend to yourself first before you can help others.

II. Building/Developing (approximately two months)

Phase II helps you clarify the direction for your next career move, your “Third Act” if you will.  We will work together to clarify your values which will help you distinguish the direction they will take and what they might look like.  Just like the steward or stewardess advises with an oxygen mask on a plane, help yourself first.  I will help you to use various simple and uncomplicated mind-body techniques on yourself first to aid in your success while achieving your goals.  These techniques, once taught, will be at your beck and call to support you in your endeavors.

Together, we will identify dreams, goals, and aspirations in working towards a mission or passion with achievable steps.  Success is built in small steps.  If your goals are not fun, they are better left undone.  We will also use skill identification to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.  You will be taught chain of meaning to reprogram messages you receive from others–or the chatter and “old tapes” of the past that play over and over in your mind sabotaging your best efforts at success.  You will be shown how to absolve yourself of the guilt and shame one can accumulate over a lifetime.

III.  Living your purpose–Expanding/Integration (approximately 2 months)

In Phase III, you will be given practices to strengthen those things you’ve learned in the course and for your life skills on how to have more win-win situations, communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts more rapidly without resorting to old ways of co-dependency and past non-effective behaviors.

We will begin to develop the life you’ve previously only envisioned for yourself with new skills and tools for you to achieve a life only dreamed about in prior times.  You will learn to be fully present in the now of your life as you begin the “ripple in the pond effect” as others notice your change.  You will notice that negative people and thoughts will no longer hold you back.  Those who want more of what you have will be most interested in learning wht has changed about you.  It will be your time to pay it forward.

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