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Hello world!

Have you ever wondered what you were going to do with the rest of your life?  How you were going to live out your days with a feeling of accomplishment?  With contentment?  Feeling fulfilled?  Giving back?  Giving WHAT back?

That was where I was just a year ago.  Through a chain of events, I found myself first taking a self development course that ended up dove-tailing into a sales course.  I was reluctant to go to the sales  course initially.  What could I do?  Where were my interests?  How could I join all my interests into one offering?  Why had I taken all those courses about this and about that that seemed to have no common bond?  Those were just a few of the questions I had.   Are they questions you have for yourself as well?

I took the self development course for obvious reasons.  I felt my life could be improved but had no idea how to get out of my rut and to move forward with my life in achieving that “something” that kept calling me…still unsure just what that was.  Through the exercises that I practiced in that class and another offered by the same mentor, I began to put the pieces together of what I wanted my life to be about–service to others to essentially become their mentor in unraveling the unpleasantness of their past lives to begin to rebuild a life that would make them excited to get out of bed every morning.

Won’t you join me on this journey into your “Third Act?