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Clearing Energy

Whenever you feel stagnant spiritually, emotionally drained, sluggish physically like you can’t get out of your own tracks, frequently financially strapped,  things don’t seem to go as smoothly and life does not move forward as you may wish or plan it to do, goals seem to be moving farther away instead of being attained, it may be time to clear your environment of negativity of all kinds–Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Here are a few clearing tips to change that dynamic in your personal and/or professional space.  Choose the one that speaks to you when the mood strikes.  You will feel refreshed, have better clarity of thought, be happier and more energetic–and be moving in the direction for which you are destined–your third act:

Open the windows:  Clear out the stale air, take a deep cleansing breath or two (expelling any negativity or tension within you), recharge the ions for clearer thinking, greater positivity of outlook.  This should take place all year long, even if only for a few minutes.  Breathing of this kind should happen frequently throughout the day.

Clean.  Oprah Winfrey has a saying that a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.  You will find that when you start clearing out clutter or things that no longer are of service–downsizing, and simplifying your life–the positive will start moving again.  You renew and revitalize that space to have new energy and flow.  Sometimes this can bring a physical and emotional release of tears to express letting go of that trapped energy.

Sweep:  Sweeping with a broom is both symbolic and carries an energy shift.  Vacuuming doesn’t have the same magic energetically. That is about maintaining cleanliness of an area.  If an area is carpeted, the gesture over the carpet is the important part.  Always sweep towards an open door or window to clear the old.

Burn incense:  While some would tell you that each fragrance has its own special, magical power, your personal intention is what determines the meaning and use of this way to shift negative energy to clear the air.  Try several with specific intent and see which feels right for you and your circumstances.

Smudging:   Like burning incense, a smudge stick–usually of the herb Sage–is lit and allowed to burn until there is a generous flow of smoke.  At that point, blow out the flame and the smoke will remain.  Smudging can aid with clearing stagnant energy.  Walk from the primary entrance point slowly walking around each room, allowing the smoke to disperse into every nook and cranny–even with a little help by fanning the smoke in that direction.   Don’t forget to smudge any willing occupants of the space by taking the smudge stick all around their auras, side to side, front to back, toe to head and back down again, sending any negativity into the earth.

Oils:  This is another fragrant way to release negative energy. Pick an essential oil for that works great with Sage for a powerful combination, if you choose to use both.   Again, the right oil is the one of your choosing.  It is a fragrant way to get rid of negative energy.  A spray bottle with purified water and a few drops of the oil could be used to lightly mist each room.  A continuous diffuser would work well for this, too, running several hours a day.  Young Living Palo Santo Essential Oil would be a good choice to use alone.

Vibration:  If you have Tibetan bowls or bells–maybe even a small djembe drum, start at the main entrance and go from room to room slowly as you set up a nice vibration with the instrument, allowing free flowing energy to fill the room.

Crystal placement:  This method can work for up to a month’s time before the crystals need to be cleaned and cleared of negative energy.  You could start with crystals of your choice–or if uncertain what to use, start with Clear Quartz and Black Obsidian, placing them in opposite corners of each room.  To dispel unwanted energies, Black Obsidian can be placed on the outside of the entry doorway.  In the room on the other side of the front door, place Black Tourmaline in each corner.

Use beautiful, positive words throughout the day:  Habits don’t change overnight.  Work on the Alcoholics Anonymous thought of “One Day at a Time.”  Make it a goal to use only positive words today.  Go throughout your home and business space using blessed and positive words whether said aloud or in your mind to bless those spaces and the people who inhabit them.  Like attracts like.

Take a sea salt bath:  Add 2-4 cups of sea salt (Himalyan recommended) and a few drops of your favorite essential oil (maybe lavender or orange to calm) to a tub of comfortable water and soak for about 20 minutes to revive your spirits and energetic fields.  To aid with physical detox and soften water, also add 1 cup of epsom salts.

Certainly, this is only a brief description and partial listing of ways to clear stagnant and negative energies.  Stay tuned to read about more in coming blogs.  Thanks for tuning in.