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I will try to do it quickly and easily. The idea of a game like this is nice and cool, but the clues are very unsyering. I`m a teenager playing this and the ad said, “Play it for fifteen minutes a day and you`ll have a better memory” or something also that line, but I`ve been playing this for a while and it`s not useful at all. Simple levels are not really simple. The game says for 4 but not even a six-year-old would be able to play this because it`s extremely difficult, even for me. If you haven`t been taught to grow certain words, then this game is just too hard to play. Frankly, simpler levels. Maybe the player is not ready for adventure mode and wants to make the package simple, but should not use money for games like me. So what? What if I`m not ready for adventure mode and want to make it easier, but I can`t? Will I be limited forever by simple levels? Maybe premium could be used for different things other than levels, because it plays like Candy Crush, but you have to pay to upgrade to level 50 or something like that. Maybe it could be for more free clues. But having for levels really limits the player. That`s what I meant.

If you reside in California, California law grants you certain rights to your personal data, including the right to require that we defy certain information about the collection and use of your personal data over the past 12 months and the right to require us to delete the personal data we have collected by you, subject to certain exceptions. To make such a request, contact us at hello@fanatee.com. Please note that we only have to respond to two such requests per customer per year. – A new crossword experience – Challenge yourself with countless puzzles – Relax by exploring the thematic worlds – Have fun learningJoin CodyCross, a friendly alien who has landed on Earth and is counting on his help to learn more about our planet! Travel through space and time while revealing the history of our planet and the achievements of humanity through thematic puzzles. Discover beautiful landscapes, use your knowledge and skills in a unique word game where each correct answer will bring you closer to the conclusion of the puzzle and reveal the secret word! Highlights: – Explore beautifully designed worlds with hundreds of levels – Each world brings new themes and genres that challenge the brightest puzzle enthusiasts – Innovative gameplay that brings a new twist to crossword puzzles – If you`re stuck on an issue, Use the power-up to reveal a letter – Sync your progress across all devices, By logging in to Facebook Play Levels offline if you don`t have an Internet connection (with limited features) By subscription:- You can subscribe to unlimited puzzles at different levels of difficulty (simple, means, Hard and Children) – Subscriptions start at $3.99 per week, $9.99 per month and $64.99/year – All prices are booked according to changes.