University Of Kentucky Housing Agreement

A: Yes, your lease is for the entire year of study (autumn and spring semester). If you decide to break it, you will calculate 50% of the spring price for accommodation and food. Applying for accommodation at the University of Kentucky is an online process that requires a uk linkblue account. BCTC students who wish to apply for housing in the UK must follow the following steps. If you already have linkblue UK login information, please proceed to Step 4. Returnees will immediately begin to choose their room, while newcomers will choose their room in March or May, depending on their LLP status and the connection route in which they are located and where they are linked to the date of application. Nothing is official without a signature! Your application is a legal document. Take a few minutes to read the entire contract, then digitally sign the contract that accepts the terms of that contract. It is important to note that housing and food are autumn and spring semesters for the entire academic year.

When you terminate your contract, there is a fee beyond certain data. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian sign the contract. Once you have received your contract, you will need to enter into a licensing agreement. Take a few minutes to read the entire license. The license is signed by an electronic signature that accepts the terms of the license. It is important to note that the accommodation is for the entire academic year. You extend your licence on July 1 of each year. If you terminate your license, a fee may be charged. Life in a student residence is based on the principle that individuals are responsible for their actions towards other members of the housing unit and the campus community.

Residents must behave in such a way that their actions do not interfere with the ability of other residents to sleep, study or enjoy their environment. All housing community standards confirm that people must be treated with respect and that the property should be used properly. Residence Life staff are responsible for enforcing the standards set out in the official guide to campus life and the housing contract. If a student exhibits conduct that is considered to be contrary to any of these standards and/or the student code of conduct, a Staff member of RĂ©sidence Life will write a report on the incident and forward the report to the appropriate person or office for administrative review and follow-up. Tracking an incident report means that the student meets with a driving officer (the graduate resident director, the resident director, the director of the house, other Housing and Residence Life employees or an agent from the Office of Student Conduct). After discussing the incident, when the behaviour manager realizes that it is more likely that the student did not violate a directive, restorative action may be taken. Possible restoration measures include: written warning, setting up or testing in a common room, limiting visitation privileges, returning monetary policy, community restitution, completing workshops on substance education, participation in educational programmes and transfer to another residential facility. In cases where the violation is very serious or in cases of multiple offences, pardon measures may include termination of the student`s housing contract and immediate removal from the life of the dwelling. In the event of a restorative effect, the student can request a review of the results. In the case of decisions made by resident directors, resident administrators or chamber directors, the behaviour manager who verifies the result is the area coordinator or the student`s assistant principal.