Stamp Duty For Service Agreement In Maharashtra

[Assuming] where an agreement to sell property on which stamp duty is paid under Article 25 of Schedule I is subject to registration in accordance with the provisions of the 1908 Registration Act and the seller refuses to surrender the property that is the subject of such an agreement, The application may be made within two years from the date of the registration deed [or if such an agreement is cancelled by a registered act of revocation, disputes concerning the premises concerned, insufficient financing, financial disputes for the agreed consideration or, subsequently, found that the illegal construction or repression of another material fact, the request can be made within two years from the date of the registered erasure]; Same right as on a rental right basis for the residual term of the lease. However, the obligation to pay stamp duty rests with one of the contracting parties to enter into an agreement between them. In the absence of such an agreement, responsibility for the payment of stamp duty must be directed to the person who can be defined in accordance with Section 29 of the Indian Stamp Act. If the law on stamps and stamp duty rates that do not apply to documents in section 91 of List I of the Seventh List of the Indian Constitution in Bombay Should be consolidated and amended; It is adopted as follows for the ninth year of the Republic of India:- There are some electronic agreements, such as Click Wrap agreements, for which the execution is not carried out by the customer. Click-wrap agreements are agreements in which the customer accepts the terms of the contract by clicking “OK” or “I agree” or similar terms. In the case of such e-agreements, while the agreement can be said by the author (by imputation), there is no signature of the customer, which means that such an agreement is not executed. In the absence of enforcement, these agreements do not need to be stamped. However, another view can be inferred that, in such click-wrap agreements, an acknowledgement of receipt of the electronic data set is received by the customer.