Sheffield Devolution Agreement

I would prefer Barnsley Council to follow a devolution proposal with: a) wider Yorkshire (b) Sheffield City This was a public consultation in which people were asked to give their views on the devolution agreement that should actively support Barnsley. This document contains a decentralisation agreement that gives Sheffield greater control over transport, skills, business support and other areas. The Sheffield City area devolution agreement was approved today by the Mayor and the four Heads of State and Government and will now move on to public consultation. Councillor Julie Dore, Chair of Sheffield City Council, said: “We are very pleased to be charged to the point where we can conclude this devolution agreement. We have always been aware that this is the best offer for the people of Sheffield and the urban area, and that it will also be the key to opening other doors to access more funding from different sources. This is an agreement for people, especially young people in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and it will allow us to invest in their skills and equip them to take jobs in growing sectors. It`s about investing in infrastructure, including transportation links, and helping local businesses become good employers and create jobs. But it`s all about investing in the future for the people who live, work and learn in Sheffield. Statement from Mayor Dan Jarvis, Cllr Julie Dore, Cllr Steve Houghton, Mayor Ros Jones and Cllr Chris Read: “We are pleased to announce that the Secretary of State for Housing, Municipalities and Local Government has confirmed that he will work with us to advance decentralisation. Subject to the successful conclusion of the devolution agreement in the Sheffield City area, he also expressed his readiness to advance discussions on the role and functions of a Yorkshire-across Yorkshire leadership committee based on the existing Yorkshire Leaders Board. All South Yorkshire councils will have the opportunity to join any full Yorkshire devolution agreement if they choose to do so. We will consider a document at the joint municipal authority meeting on Monday, January 27 and, subject to final agreement, we will launch a public consultation on the proposals at that meeting. This is an important step forward in securing additional powers and resources for our region. The order of the agreement is set by Parliament after the Mayor and The Presidents of Council of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield submitted letters of agreement to the Department for Housing, Municipalities and Municipalities. M.