Section 157 Agreement Of The 1985 Housing Act

A section 157 limitation has an impact on the value of a property, so it is important to take this into account when acquiring a property subject to such a restriction. Applications should be directed to the Commission and the seller of the property, and the local planning portal should be reviewed to determine the category of Section 157 of the property. The objective of this policy is to ensure that local people always have access to housing that remains affordable and meets local needs. transportation or issuance [F3 (subject to Section 156A(8)] may contain an alliance that restricts the freedom of the tenant (including a person entitled to his and a person who derives the title under him or such a successor) to cede the dwelling house in the manner specified below. 7. If such a contract imposes the restriction on subsection 2, the restriction is a local base charge and the Principal Registrar of the Land inserts [the F12a restriction in the property register, which reflects the restriction]. (b) an area designated as an exceptional natural beauty area in accordance with [F2Section 82 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000] or if the purchaser has not lived or worked in Norfolk in the past three years, the buyer must apply for a waiver. Read the section on the notice of a request to cancel the restriction below. (6) Any assignment that contravenes such a contract, as shown in point 1 above, is void [F10and, to the extent that it concerns assignments by lease or licence agreement, Such a contract may be imposed by the lessor as if there were no – [F5 (a)], without the written consent of the lessor, no relevant provision that is not an exempt provision; but that consent is not accepted if the order of a person meeting the condition specified in the subsection (3) [F6and] is limited to section 157 of the Housing Act 1985 on a register of titles. So what does this mean and what should you do about it? 1. In this part is a promotion or concession of a local authority F1 . .

. or a housing company (“the owner”) of a building in … If you are selling a property with a limit to section 157, you must alert your realtor to the restriction. Your agent must contain information about the restriction section 157 so that the property can be marketed accordingly. This reduces the risk that a sale will fail because the buyer does not meet the qualification criteria. Note that the concept of destination is used to describe a definable element in a legislative act with a legislative effect – z.B a part, chapter or section. The prerequisite is that potential purchasers of former Council property lived and/or worked in Devon for three years just prior to purchase. [F11 (6A)Any reference, in the previous provisions of this section, to a lease or licence transfer does not mention a relevant or optional elimination.] For co-sellers, only one of the buyers must have lived or worked in Norfolk three years prior to purchase.