Robina Central Planning Agreement Act 1992

Sites within the RCPA are covered by approved individual development plans (an “DCO”). The only remaining urban planning requirement before the presentation of the works is a final authorization. The FDA is not subject to declaration (no right of appeal or objector) and a final decision must be made within 40 days by the Gold Coast City Council. This significantly optimized authorization process allows for faster development. The above is just the beginning — the RCPA and its considerable planning benefits and savings, as well as future value pilots without competition, make Robina the location for your next housing, business, medical or educational project. Contact us to discuss the availability of firmly authorized land based on your needs or now check out a selection of available locations. As a result of Robina Group`s massive investments in infrastructure development (by La Robina Land Corporation), the Robina Central Planning Agreement was passed in 1992 as part of an Act of Parliament granting the region significant planning rights under state law. The RCPA is the main planning document that governs development in the center of Robina. Robina`s planning framework, particularly with respect to the planning approval schedule and the benefits of the Council`s infrastructure charges, has long been envied by the development industry.

This is where gold Coast`s main shopping destination is located, Robina City Centre, and it`s also a well-established but rapidly growing residential area. It has become the most sought after location for shops, with the largest volume of offices occupied in gold Coast City (Property Council of Australia, January 2016). The Amenity District also offers the latest medical facilities – a thriving medical centre with Queensland`s second largest public hospital and a new private hospital. Robina receives an A+ for education with world leaders prostrating themselves here, including Bond University. Learn more about Robina`s business benefits here. A four-storey construction (4) comprising 50% medical center and 50% office with a gross area (BGF) of 6,000 m² on a plot of 3,165 m², would see the light of day: Consulting Town Planner, Zone Planning Group Robinas compared considerable infrastructure costs to identical developments in other parts of Gold Coast City. You provided an example to illustrate this competitive advantage: developers who invest in Robina can enjoy considerable advantages for infrastructure costs and faster authorization frameworks. With demand on this site now at an unprecedented level, rcpa makes it possible to deliver projects in a timely manner in the current context of market recovery. Permitted uses include (but are not limited to): Robina, in the heart of the Gold Coast, is fully served by all major lifestyle and workplace facilities and infrastructure….