New York Stock Exchange Subscriber Agreement

E. Whether you are inside or outside the United States, you perform duties similar to those that require a person to register or qualify with the SEC, CFTC, any other securities agency or regulator, stock exchange or securities association or commodity market or futures contract. , an association or a supervisory body? 8. MISCELLANEOUS – New York State laws govern this agreement and are interpreted in accordance with these laws. This agreement is subject to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the rules adopted under the Act and the plans established under that Act for the Common Industry. This letter contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding its purpose. The subscriber cannot assign all or part of this agreement to another person. The person executing this contract ensures and guarantees that he or she has the legal capacity to enter into a contract and, if that person executes that agreement on behalf of a business or business organization, partnership or other organization, he assures and guarantees that he or she is effectively entitled to engage it. ACCEPTED AND AGREED: I, the subscriber to whom the above terms and conditions refer, acknowledge that I have read the above terms and conditions of this section 1, that I understand them and that I accept these terms and conditions, and that I agree to comply with these conditions by “clicking” on the following field: 3. Information is granted only for the personal use of the non-subscriber and for internal use. By telling the provider that the subscriber is a non-professional subscriber or by continuing to receive the information at a non-professional rate, the subscriber confirms to the provider and the Nasdaq that the subscriber meets the definition of the non-professional subscriber referred to in paragraph 1.

The subscriber will immediately notify the Seller in writing of any change in name, place of residence or place of business where the information is received. The subscriber cannot sell, rent, equip or give access to other people or other offices or places. The subscriber will not participate in the exploitation of illegal activity; use or authorize the use of information or some of it for illegal purposes; or violates NASD rules. Business subscribers may provide customers, on a non-continuous basis, with limited amounts of information: through written advertising, correspondence or other literature; either during voice telephony, which does not involve computerized language, automated information query system or similar technologies.