Four Agreements Criticism

We don`t see the truth because we`re blind. What blinds us are all these false beliefs that we have in mind. We must be right and hurt others. We trust what we believe and our convictions prepare us for suffering. It`s as if we live in the middle of a fog that doesn`t let us see beyond our own nose. We live in a fog that is not even real. This fog is a dream, your personal dream to live, what you believe, all the concepts you have about who you are, all the agreements you have made with others, with yourself and even with God. I can guess the rebuttal: But that`s not really what he meant, it just distorts the agreements, apparently, it shouldn`t justify treating others like. The fact is that Don Miguel Ruiz does not explicitly address the problem. It does not distinguish between situations where we should listen to others and situations where we should not listen. At most, we get an elusive message about the importance of “trusting ourselves” and, above all, trusting us to “make the right decisions”, which can be a derogatory way of advising critical thinking and avoiding acting like a shower. But there is not much else. The text is quite intransigent.

That is a pity, because if a rule is such a clear loophole, that loophole should be dealt with accordingly. The peculiarity of this agreement is not how fair it is, but all the ways in which it can be wrong and how one develops things ourselves. Dreaming is the main function of the mind, and the mind dreams 24 hours a day. He dreams when the brain is awake, and he also dreams when the brain sleeps. The difference is that when the brain is awake, there is a material framework that makes things linear. When we go to sleep, we don`t have the frame, and the dream tends to change constantly. I started to live after the four chords and they make perfect sense. When he says, don`t take things personally, it doesn`t mean you can`t take people`s advice, but don`t take negative feelings in yourself. Change if it fell, but don`t see a person differently, especially if you`re trying to help, I give you the four chords to combat my anxiety, anxiety and depression. It`s going well.

Twenty years after its publication, its teachings are still practiced by millions of people. Its author, the Mexican shaman Don Miguel Ruiz, draws on the ancient wisdom of Toltec to articulate four councils (so-called “agreements”) which, if followed in daily life, must indicate the path of happiness and self-fulfillment. If we accept this agreement, Don Miguel Ruiz tells us, there is a good chance that we will reach a state of “happiness” in the midst of “hell”. All agreements are supposed to lead to that state, but the decision not to take things personally has the power to terminate up to “seventy-five percent” of all the negative agreements we have previously made with ourselves. That`s right. 75% ? It looks amazing. Where do I sign? But — and this is terribly frustrating — other times these opinions and signals will not mean anything real about you.