Foreign Agreements Bill

Note: Basic agreements abroad are a subset of foreign agreements. They are particularly demanding because they tend to influence Australia`s external relations. In particular, in the second part, specific rules apply to the negotiation or entry into foreign basic agreements. Note 1: If the state/territorial entity enters the agreement in violation of the declaration, the Minister may make a statement pursuant to Section 41, 42 or 43 with respect to the agreement. If the Minister does so, the agreement is invalidated, unenforceable or unenforceable, or must be amended or terminated to the extent specified in the declaration. The declaration may also prohibit the state/territory and the foreign entity from implementing the agreement or preventing them from being able to implement the agreement. This change in definition means that Australian universities must only declare agreements with foreign institutions if a foreign government is able to exercise substantial control over them. But on the basis of the definition under discussion, universities would probably not have to inform the government of the agreements they are reaching with a number of partners in Western countries. If the foreign agreement is a central foreign agreement, the state or state agency is required to notify the Minister before the expiry of a three-month period or one of the longer (if any) delays after the start of the day. If the minimum requirements for notification of a foreign basic agreement are not met, the agreement becomes invalid and unenforceable, must be terminated or terminated (depending on the nature of the agreement). It is also forbidden for the state/territory unit and the foreign unit participating in the agreement to implement the agreement and to declare that they are able to implement the agreement. These consequences apply automatically and without the minister`s involvement (see points 4 to 6). She also fears that Beijing will try to use agreements like this to divide the Australian consensus against its pioneering project – and ultimately break it.

But both Labour and the Greens welcomed the way the bill was drafted and the way the debate was conducted.