Flintshire Ldp Delivery Agreement

Council members had already agreed that the document should be consulted in July last year. Officials therefore recommended that the submission of the master plan to the planning inspectorate be postponed until October rather than this month. “This report highlights the good progress made in the plan; the reasons for the need to review the timetable; how this was discussed with the Welsh Government and the Planning Inspectorate, and the impact on a revised timetable of the plan. “In addition, the inability of the Board to meet to agree on the responses and presentation of the audit plan led to a review of the plan`s schedule and the proposed amendments. “However, the current emergency situation and the lack of public access to important public buildings, such as municipal offices, liaison centres and libraries, prevent the provision of a complete list of all representations received for public consultation, as provided for in the LDP rules. While officials said good progress had been made since then, they highlighted in a report how the process has been hampered by the outbreak of COVID-19. In the meantime, the public review phase is expected to begin in January next year rather than September. Flintshire Council`s Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out sites where up to 7,000 new homes could be built in the county over the next ten years. A major housing plan for Flintshire is expected to be delayed by four months due to the coronavirus pandemic. .