Back To Back Supply Agreement

In construction, the back-to-back refers to houses built in a continuous terrace. It means the houses are against each other. In this context, the British use the term more often than Anglophones in North America. The principal contractors should obtain the consent of the client to hire subcontractors before attempting to enter into back-to-back contracts. Under the contract itself, the principal contractors should cede responsibility for their share of the work to the contractor. For back-to-back contracts to work effectively, senior contractors and subcontractors must be aware that back-to-back agreements are commercial subcontracts that reflect, in whole or in part, the terms of a major contract higher up the contract chain. The way agreements are restored is to transfer the same rights and obligations from one party to another, so that those who perform the work or service delivery assume responsibility and are responsible for any violation of the transferred obligations, not the “average” levels or levels (there may be more than one subcontractor in complex agreements) of the supply chain. It effectively fills all accountability gaps in the contract chain. There is no single stop solution for the various possible pitfalls associated with back-to-back contracts. Regardless of the approach taken to the development of back-to-back contracts, the decision should never be motivated by the intention to reduce a rigorously rigorous design process. Both the main contractors and the subcontractors will have a strong interest in the properly developed subcontracting. In addition, in a series of subcontractings, the principal contractor must ensure that its main contractual obligations are properly distributed among the various subcontractors and that they are not omitted without knowing it.

The back-to-back provisions can be integrated into the contracts in a number of ways: back-to-back can also mean consecutively, as in: “His back-to-back victories at the US Open, the French Open and the Wimbledon tennis championships.” There are basically and in addition two ways to structure back-to-back sub-contracts: In this type of rental agreement, the tenant can immediately evacuate the property. The landlord pays the tenant`s rent on the old surface until the term expires. A back-to-back contract can relate to many different things, but it is most often used in the building. Read 3 min Important aspects of construction contracts that may require return provisions are: The terms of maturity and termination of a back-to-back agreement may also reflect the main contract, i.e. when the main contract ends, the return contract will terminate.