Adobe Acrobat License Agreement

Predictable budgeting for three years Once the need for software subscriptions is defined, you make three predictable annual payments to a fixed birthday. Personalize your ETLA again: buy a number of licenses for a single office or a specific business need or establish an agreement for the provision of licenses throughout the company for the entire life.6.1.3 Nothing that is included in this agreement (including Section 4.4) limits any non-revocable software decompilation fee that may be granted to the customer under current legislation. For example, if the customer is in the European Union (EU), the customer may, under certain conditions stipulated in the applicable law, have the right to decompile the software if necessary to ensure the software`s interoperability with another software, and the customer first asked Adobe in writing to provide the information necessary to carry out such a feature, and Adobe did not provide this information. In addition, such a decompilation can only be made by the customer or any other person authorized to use a copy of the software on behalf of the client. Adobe has the right to set reasonable conditions before providing such information. Any information provided by Adobe or received by the Customer, as it allows, may only be used by the Customer for the purposes described above and may not be transmitted or used to third parties to create software substantially similar to the expression of the software or used for other acts that violate the copyright of Adobe or its licensees. 14.7 Recruitment Manager. The software may contain Flash Player. Flash Player can save certain user settings by storing them on the client`s computer as a local shared object. They are linked to the Flash Player instance on the computer, allowing the client to customize the execution functions. Flash Player Settings Manager allows the customer to change these settings, including the ability to prevent third parties from recording local shared objects or give third parties the right to access the computer`s microphone and camera. For more information about setting up settings in the Flash Player version, including information about disabling shared objects at the local level using the Flash Player settings manager, see

For more information on local shared objects, see If the customer is a business, business or organization, the customer agrees that In addition to any license compliance reviews conducted by the Software, Adobe or its authorized representative have the right to verify that all Adobe software or services comply with Adobe licenses valid after seven (7) business days prior to notification from the customer.