24 Hour Fitness Club Membership Agreement

Regarding 24 Hour Fitness`s objection, Watson said he believed his V.9.96 affiliate agreement provided for a three-year extension period. After attempting to extend at the reception and telling him that the term was 12 months, Watson explained that his contract provided for a 36-month extension for 228 $US. The front desk employee challenged him and showed him a copy of a V.7.99 contract that said “upcoming annual prepaid fee.” Watson then verified his initial contract with a facility manager. According to Watson, the executive acknowledged that he had a 36-month extension period, but told her there was nothing she could do about it and sent Watson back to the 24-hour fitness seat. Contract V.9.96 signed by Salzwedel provided that the cost of his initial membership was US$602, including a registration fee of US$289, a processing fee of US$49 and a processing fee of US$264 for monthly due prepaid; Membership began on 6 March 1998 and ended on 6 March 2001; and the number of “prepaid period [months]” was 36. Your membership will be smoothly delivered and VASA will work with you to set you up with the right coach for your goals and schedule. The court also found that Harper and Salzwedel failed to refute the “class investigations/statistical evidence,” which “overwhelmingly majority (e.g. .